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Week 1  June 8-12

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Class Introduction--Procedures and Protocol

Semester 1 Pre-Test (directions- take the test 1 time. Record your grade in your attendance spreadsheet. Try as hard as you can, but dont expect the score to reflect what you will know by the end of the 1st Semester.

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PowerPoint Presentation

  Chapter 1--- Matter and Change Chapter 1 Sample Test


  Chemistry is a Physical Science Chapter 1 Quizlet


  Matter and Its Properties Chapter 1 Exam




PowerPoint Presentation Chapter 2

  Chapter 2-- Measurements and Calculations Chapter 2 Sample Quiz


  Scientific Method Chapter 2 Quizlet  
  Units of Measurements Chapter 2 Exam  
  Using the Scientific Method    

PowerPoint Presentation Chapter 3

  Chapter 3-- Atoms Building Blocks of  Matter Chapter 3 Sample Quiz  
  The Atom: Theories Chapter 3 Quizlet  
  The Structure of the Atom Chapter 3 Exam  
  Counting Atoms    

PowerPoint Presentation Chapter 4

  Chapter 4--Arrangement of Electrons in Atoms Chapter 4 Sample Quiz  
  The Development of the Atomic Model Chapter 4 Quizlet  
  The Quantum Model of the Atom Chapter 4 Exam  


Electron Configuration    

Week 2  June 15-19

PowerPoint Presentation Chapter 5    Popup Periodic Table


Chapter 5-- The Periodic Law Chapter 5 Sample Quiz electronegativity
  History of the Periodic Table Chapter 5 Quizlet Periodic Table
  Electron Configuration and  Periodic Tab Chapter 5 Exam  
  Electron and the Periodic Properties    

PowerPoint Presentation Chapter 6

  Chapter 6-- Chemical Bonding Chapter 6 Sample Quiz Covalent bond
  Intro to Chemical Bonding Chapter 6 Quizlet ionic bond
  Covalent Bonding and Molecular Comps Chapter 6 Exam  
  Ionic Bonding and Ionic Comps    
  Metallic Bonding    
  Molecular Geometry    

PowerPoint Presentation Chapter 7

  Chapter 7-- Chemical Formulas and Chemical Compounds Chapter 7 Sample Quiz Oxidation Number
   Chemical Names and Formulas Chapter 7 Quizlet  
  Oxidation Numbers Chapter 7 Exam  
  Using Chemical Formulas

Oxidation Chart



Determining Chemical Formulas

Week 2 Practice Exam



Week 3  June 22-26

PowerPoint Presentation


Chapter 8-- Chemical Equations and Reactions Chapter 8 Sample Quiz


  Describing Chemical Reactions Chapter 8 Quizlet


  Types of Chemical Reactions Chapter 8 Exam


  Activity Series of the Elements  


PowerPoint Presentation

  Chapter 9-- Stoichiometry Chapter 9 Sample Quiz

Nobel gases

  Introduction to Stoichiometry Chapter 9 Quizlet  
  Ideal Stoichiometry Calculation Chapter 9 Exam  
  Limiting Reactants and Yield    

 PowerPoint Presentation

Type of Reactions Doc

  Chapter 10-- Physical Characteristics of Gases Chapter 10 Sample Quiz  
  The Kinetic-Molecular Theory of Matter Chapter 10 Quizlet  
  Pressure Chapter 10 Exam  
  Gas Laws    

 PowerPoint Presentation

  Chapter 11-- Molecular Composition of Gases Chapter 11 Sample Exam  
  Volume-Mass Relationships of Gases Chapter 11 Quizlet  
  Stiochiometry of Gases Chapter 11 Exam  


Effusion and Diffusion    


Mid Term Exam Chapt 1-11 Review Sheet  


 Final Exam Mid Term Exam  

 Week 4 June 29-July 2  No School July 3

PowerPoint Presentation

Set up new attendance sheets

Take Pre Test 2nd Session Pre-Test


Chapter 12-- Liquids and Solids Chapter 12 Sample Quiz Solution


 Liquids Chapter 12 Quizlet Solute


 Solids Chapter 12 Exam Solute


 Changes of State   Homogenous


 Water   Acid

 PowerPoint Presentation


 Chapter 13--Solutions Chapter 13 Sample Quiz Base


 Types of Mixtures Chapter 13 Quizlet  


 The Solution Process Chapte 13 Exam  


 Concentration of Solutions    

 PowerPoint Presentation


 Chapter `14--Ions in Aqueous Solutions and Colligavtive Properties Chapter 14 Sample Quiz  


 Compounds in Aqueous Solutions Chapter 14 Quizlet  


 Colligavtive of Solutions Chapter 14 Exam  

 PowerPoint Presentation


 Chapter 15--- Acids and Bases Chapter 15 Sample Quiz  


 Properties of Acids and Bases Chapter 15 Quizlet  


 Acid-Base Theory Chapter 15 Exam  


 Acid-Base Reaction    

 Week 5  July 6-10

PowerPoint Presentation


Chapter 16-- Acid Base Titration Chapter 16 Sample Exam Titration


 Aqueous Solutions and the concept of pH Chapter 16 Quizlet Aqueous


 Determining pH and Titration Chapter 16 Exam  

 PowerPoint Presentation


Chapter 17-- Reaction Kinetics and Energy Chapter 17 Sample Quiz Kinetics


 Thermochemistry Chapter 17 Quizlet Forces


 Driving Forces of Reactions Chapter 17 Exam Reaction


 The Reaction Process    


Reaction Rate    

 PowerPoint Presentation


 Chapter 18-- Chemical Equilibrium Chapter 18 Sample Quiz Equilibrium


 Nature of Chemical Equilibrium Chapter 18 Quizlet Salt


 Shifting Equilibrium Chapter 18 Exam  


 Equlibria of Acids, Bases and Salts    


 Solubility Equilibrium    


Complete in the A+ Application Safety, Glassware and Equipment, and Basic Lab Technique Lessons Due by Friday July 10

  Week 6  July 13-17

07-13 A+ Lesson  Measurement 1 A+ Lesson Measurement 2  
07-14 A+ Lesson Matter A+ Lesson Periodic Table  
07-15 A+ Lesson  Chemical Bonds A+ Lesson Nomenclatuer 1  
07-16 A+ Lesson Nomenclature 2 A+ Lesson Understanding Equations  
07-17 A+ Lesson Forming Compounds    
07-17 Final Exam    

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