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A+ Credit Recovery
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A+ Class Calendar (Days A+ will be open)
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~ Types of A+ Classes (
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~ What is A+? (
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~ Your A+ Rights (
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~ A+ Class Procedure (
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A+ Student Enrollment Contract Form (click here)

A+ Student Expectations/Consequences

1. You must be on-time (if not, your will return to your regular class)
2. You must have a notebook and pencil (if not, your will return to your regular class)
3. You must earn (min) 1 apple per 1.5 hours online time (if not, you will be placed in intervention)
4. You must remain quite while in the A+ lab (if not, your will return to your regular class)

Types of A+ Classes: Daily, Afternoon, Web Based or Hybrid

Daily Classes (only) are during regular school hours (permission given by the teacher of record)
Afternoon Classes (only) take place after the regular school day
Web Based Classes are delivered via the Internet (takes special permission)
Hybrid is a combination of all the above (takes special permission)

How to enroll in the A+ Program: (Seats are limited)

1. Complete the online enrollment contract and print it (A+ Student Enrollment Contract Form)
2. Email
Mr. Ken Stegall for an appointment
3. Finalize and verify the contract (bring printed copy) with Mr. Stegall
4. Bring signed contract to A+ Lab** You must have a signed form to enroll in A+

Enrollment priority: 1st Seniors, 2nd Juniors, and finally Sophomores

What is A+? 
A+ Website Online (
click here)

A+nyWhere Learning System courseware incorporates a standards-based and self-paced approach to learning. Students are provided with assessment tests, which prescribe lesson plans to fit each student's needs. They can also view their own progress at any time. The software is delivered in a consistent format so students learn one interface. With the browser-based version, students can access homework assignments and view their academic progress from their homes, media centers, libraries, or community centers by simply logging onto the Internet. Learning leads to success, empowering students to make consistent grade improvements.

Your A+ Rights

Your assignment to A+ lab is an honor based on your ability to work with limited support. This is an opportunity to receive credits by working at your own pace, but based on guidelines set by you’re A+ teacher. Stay focused on the mission at hand of graduation. Failure to comply with the lab’s rules will result in dismissal from the program.

A+ Class Procedure
A+ Classroom Grading Form (click here)

  • Students work at their own pace (minimal achievement 1 apple per 1.5 hours)     A+ Pacing guide (click here). This guide will show you where you need to be on our course mastery
  • Each course is broken down into lessons. Each course will have a different number of lessons and each lesson must be taken in order.
  • Each lesson has to be mastered by making an 80 on the pre-test or my making 80 on the mastery test.
  • If student makes below 80, the student must study the lesson for at least 5 minutes before being allowed to take a practice test. Student is not allowed to proceed to the mastery exam until an 80 or better is  made on the  practice exam.
  • You must make 80 or better on the mastery exam in order to receive mastery of the lesson. The student will have 5 attempts at the mastery exam. If the student does not make an 80 after 5 attempts, the student must make 2 100's on the practice exam within 5 attempts in order for release of the mastery test for more attempts.
  • Once all lesson are mastered, student will take a review test and must make an 70 or better in order to receive credit. Student will have 5 attempts on the review exam.
  • Notes maybe used on all test-- Without notes you will be dropped from the class.

** The Internet is not allowed during any testing. This is considered cheating and can cause the student to be dismissed from the class.

A+ Web Base Procedure
Web Base Grading Form (
Click Here)

  • A+ Web Based  (Click Here) for access)

  • Web Based Grading Form (click here)

  • How to configure your computer to work with A+ Web Based  (Click Here)

  • No pre-test

  • You must take notes and you must show these notes when you take the review test

  • You can complete all mastery test online at home except the review test

  • You have to schedule and take the Review test at School and bring your notes-- If you don't bring your notes you will not be allowed to take the test.

  • If you cant pass the review test in 2 tries, you must wait 1 week before re-taking and bring additional notes. Without reworking your notes you will not be allowed to take the review test

Classroom Protocol: 

  • All MNPS and School Rules apply.

  • MNPS and School attendance rules will apply.

  • Students are to be on time, with a notebook, with pencil (failure to do so will result in after school/web based A+)

  • Respect for others is required

  • No Food or Drink in the lab at anytime (trash can will be at the door in the fall for food and beverage

  • Be in your seat when the bell rings

  • No horse play or loud talking allowed at anytime (this will be strictly  enforced)

  • There will be limited access to the Internet while studying

  • There will be no access to the Internet during Pre-Testing or Mastery Testing. Violation of this rule will result in dismissal from the program.

  • Inappropriate use of the Internet can result in loss of computer use at Cane Ridge and could also result in dismissal from the school. Your Internet activities are monitored at the teachers station and can be replayed

  • Keep your work area clean an orderly. Replace your chair properly when the class is over.

  • Raise your hand if you need assistance. DO NOT YELL OUT FOR HELP.

  • In order to receive help you must have your notes on the topic. Failure to have the notes will result in non support.

  • A organized note book must be maintained throughout the course. Grades are given for a properly  maintained notebook. DO NOT LOOSE YOUR NOTEBOOK. Maintaining your notebook on the computer is recommended

    Current Credit Recovery Courses/Number of Lessons
    (Click on the Semester for a list of lessons)

    A+ Course and Lesson (click here)

    Algebra I
    1st 20
    2nd 31
    Algebra II
    1st 24
    2nd 26
    1st 10
    2nd 24
    1st 25
    2nd 22
    1st 22
    2nd 22
    English I
    1st 36
    2nd 25
    English II
    1st 41
    2nd 24
    English III
    1st 30
    2nd 32
    English IV
    1st 24
    2nd 24
    1st 14
    2nd 13
    Lifetime Wellness
    1st 22
    2nd 13
    Personal Finance
    1st 15
    2nd 15
    Physical Science
    1st 13
    2nd 16
    1st 11
    2nd 19
    1st 15
    2nd 11
    US History
    1st 17
    2nd 32
    Visual Arts
    World Geography
    1st 22
    2nd 34
    World History
    1st 29
    2nd 53
    Spanish I 
    1st 33
    2nd 36
    Spanish II 
    1st 36
    2nd 41








1 Semester A+ Class Schedule


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10-04 A Day 10-05 B Day 10-6 A Day 10-7 B Day 10-08 No A+
10-11 A Day 10-12 B Day 10-13 A Day 10-14 B Day 10-08 No A+
10-18 B Day 10-19 A Day 10-20 B Day 10-21 A Day 10-22 No A+
10-25 A Day 10-26 B Day 10-27 A Day 10-28 B day 10-29 No A+
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
11-01 B Day 11-02 A Day 11-03 B Day 11-04 A Day 11-05 No A+
11-08 A Day 11-09 B Day 11-10 A Day 11-11 B Day  11-12 No A+ 
11-15 B Day 11-16 A Day 11-17 B Day 11-18 A Day 11-19 No A+
11-22 No A+ 11-23 No A+ 11-24 No A+ 11-25 No A+ 11-26 No A+
11-29 B Day 11-30 A Day 12-01 B Day 12-02 A Day 12-03 No A+
12-06 No A+ 12-07 No A+ 12-08 No A+ 12-09 No A+ 12-10 No A+
12-13 No A+ 12-14 No A+ 12-15 No A+ 12-16 No A+ No Students
12/20/2010 Christmas 12/21/2010 Christmas 12/22/2010 Christmas 12/23/2010 Christmas 12/24/2010 Christmas
12/27/2010 Christmas 12/28/2010 Christmas 12/29/2010 Christmas 12/30/2010 Christmas 12/31/2010 Christmas
1/3/2010   In-Service 1-4 No A+ 1-5  No A+ 1-6  No A+ 1-7  No A+
01-10-2010 A+ Day 01-11-2010 A+ Day 01-12-2010 A+ Day 01-13-2010 A+ Day 01-14-2010 A+ Day

Second Semester A+ Schedule  TBA