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Tutorials  (Click on the name) Description Certification
Windows XP Basic Windows Operation Windows XP Quiz
Internet Safety How to use the Internet Safely Internet Safety Quiz
Cane Ridge High School Website Lots of good information on the site www.caneridgehs.org
Email Basics Email 101 Email Basics Quiz
Word 2007 Basics Basic operations in Word Basic Word Quiz
Excel 2007 Basics Basic operations in Excel Basic Excel Quiz
PowerPoint Basics Basic operations in PowerPoint Basic PowerPoint Quiz
Outlook Basics Basic operations in Outlook email system Basic Outlook Quiz
Publisher Basics Basic operation in Publisher Basic Publisher Quiz
Access Basics Basic operation in Access database Basic Access Quiz
Internet 101 Intro the net and browsers Internet Quiz
mnpstube.mnps.org All types of videos for PD mnpstube.mnps.org
Align Lesson Planner (schoolnet) Overview of the application  Schoolnet Tutorial
TVAAS Coming Soon TVAAS website
Document Sharing How to share documents on google Google Share on mnpstube
Thinklink Coming Soon  
CPS and Clickers Software Multiple Training vidoes CPS on mnpstube
Chancery SMS Coming Soon  
Gradespeed Multiple Training videos Gradespeed on mnpstube
Gradespeed Tutorials
Chalkboard Multiple Training videos Chalkboard on mnpstube
SharePoint Coming Soon  
Sharing Calendars MS training on how to share a calendar How to share calendars (1)

How to share calendars(2)

How to share calendar PPT

Setting up shared folder on the network Coming Soon  
Thinkinfinity Coming Soon  
MNPS Datawarehouse Log on with your mnps ID and password datawarehouse
Multimedia (Audio and Video) Camtasia Application Training Camtasia Training Site
MNPS Web Resources (Video, portal, and MNPS Tech site Digital Camera Training Videos digital camera on mnpstube
WIKI's, PORTALS, Forum, YouTube, Twiter WIKI  Training Videos wiki's on mnpstube
Mr R's Online Chemistry Classroom  Chemistry Online Classroom     www.mrrclass.net
Mr R's Chemistry Class
Instructional Planning Instructional Planning Trianing Videos Planning on mnpstube
Movie Maker 2 Training     How to use Movie Maker Video This file is on YouTube and can not be access from MNPS- Cut and paste this URL into your home computer and good training.


Movie Maker Manual