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Newton Rowland    Found a great educational site let Newt know (Click here) Asknewt.ning.com (click here)

Newton Rowland
(Far Right)

Newton Rowland  (far right)--Receiving the  Cisco Academy teacher of the decade  for the state of Tennessee in Washington, D.C.
BS Secondary Education Biology-Cisco Certified Instructor, Adobe Web-Design Certification, FordPas, Cisco Networking Certification, and Cisco Hardware Repair Certification.

Teaching Certifications (State of Tennessee): Physics,  Chemistry, Biology, Physical Science, Ecology, Cisco Networking, Web-Design, A+ Hardware, FordPas and Work Based Learning

 Newt has finally figured it out--- what he wants to be when he grows up!! An Educational Technology Support Coach. Over his professional career, Newt has been involved in many career paths: Life One- Taught school for 10 years, coached football and golf. Life Two- Started a computer company Rotec Computer System and was in business for over 21 years. Life Three- Teaching in Metro Nashville Public School system for the past 11 years. During the past 11 years, he has held many teaching positions: Chemistry, Cisco Networking, Physics, Biology, Hardware Repair, Physical Science, Algebra I, Geometry, Low Voltage Cabling, A+ Lab Coordinator, Work Base Learning, and Web Design. He is currently the Technology Coach at Cane Ridge High School. His primary role, in this position, is to assist teachers with curriculum deliver using technology. Over the past 11 years, Newt has developed an hybrid learning model that is easy, productive and a time saver for teachers. Using his model, you are able to teach student by delivering curriculum in a setting that the kids understand and can relate. The day of sit down, shut up, be quite and listen to me for the next 90 minutes are gone and well they should be. We have to change how curriculum is delivered without changing the teacher personality that is in all good teachers. In order to do this many aspect of teaching delivery has to be evaluated and redefined. Technology in the classroom is not the answer in itself but can be a big part of the change. The classroom has to reflect what is going on in the students day to day routines, if we intend to reach them. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogging, Texting, Social Networks, Multitasking